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As a writer, you have the power to influence the world through words, story, and concepts. Clearly communicating your story and ideas is vital for the enjoyment of your audience, your own satisfaction, and for success in the publishing industry. Below are the services I offer to assist you in achieving these goals.

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The Big Picture

Structural Editing surveys the overall scope of your manuscript. I look at how the ideas are organized and developed—whether, for example, there are any gaps in the story, questions in logic, or characters that need development. A structural edit also examines how the content satisfies your intended purpose and audience. If you wish, please check out further details on the Editors Canada website with this link Meeting Professional Editorial Standards Structural Editing.

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The Refinement

Stylistic Editing is also called ‘line editing’ since I will examine your manuscript line by line, checking word choice and language flow, to ensure the meaning of your message and story are communicated clearly and smoothly. My linguistics and literature training have developed my ear to know what sounds right within your writer’s voice.  My stylistic edit of your manuscript also includes a copy edit, since it makes sense to tidy-up at the same time as refining.  For more details, please click this link to the Editors Canada website Meeting Professional Editorial Standards stylistic editing.

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The Nitty-Gritty

Copy Editing is the tidy-up phase. During a copy edit, I watch for accuracy and consistency in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage. Among other things, any mismatched verb tenses, missing commas, frequently confused idioms, and typos are tackled and amended. In addition, I may address some stylistic elements, like minor word choice options. Click the following link for full details available on the Editors Canada website Meeting Professional Editorial Standards Copy Editing.


I offer these services at a flat rate of $45 per hour, regardless of the type of editing appropriate for your manuscript. This can be calculated on a by-project fee if you prefer. Industry standard guidelines for rate calculations can be viewed on the Editors Canada website at What Do Editors Charge?     Contact me for a free estimate.

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What Happens Next?

For a free estimate, send me an email with a bit about yourself and your manuscript:

  • what do you see as the goal for your manuscript?

  • who is your target audience?

  • the genre (if applicable)

  • the number of words in your manuscript

  • a quick summary of your work

  • what type of editing you feel your document requires.

Attach a word document comprising approximately 10 pages from the middle of your manuscript. (I use Track Changes in Word to edit.) With this excerpt, I will do a free sample one hour edit for you and estimate costs for a full edit.

When we decide to work together, we will sign an author/editor agreement outlining expectations, so you know what to expect from the edit. A deposit, equal to 50% of estimated costs, will be due at this point to hold your place in my schedule.

Upon completion, the edit will be returned to you in a locked file to be unlocked upon receipt of the balance of payment. At this point you, the author, will review and ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ the suggested changes. Remember, the last word is up to you. My edits are suggestions for you. Nothing will be changed without your knowledge and approval.

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